I’m JD (the short one!). Space is my happy place. It’s also my existential terror place – a necessary part of the exhilarating joy I feel when admiring the cosmos.

The poet Edith Sitwell, after being shown images of newly discovered distant galaxies by Edwin Hubble in the 1920s, exclaimed, “How terrifying!” Hubble replied, “Only at first. When you are not used to them. Afterwards, they give one comfort. For then you know that there is nothing to worry about – nothing at all!” (Bartusiak, “The Day We Found the Universe“)

This duality of awe and joy is what I hope to capture in my art. From a cosmic perspective, we can become more aware of the crazy miracle of existing and the value of our own brief lives. When we remember the universe (Memento universum! . . . you know, like a Harry Potter spell), we can better appreciate our own small corner of the cosmos.